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"My Favorite Things" by Richard Rodgers

One of my original arrangement of standards. This time I made it more rock feel with electric guitar instead of piano. From the series of             J-Trad and More in 2011.

Guitar- Casper Gyldensøe
Bass- Mario Carrillo
Drums- Pablo Eluchans
Shamisen (Nagauta) & Vo- Sumie

"De-Pot ~ Ho-Hot" by Hiro Honshuku

Fun piece!
Hiro wrote random Japanese syllables for lyrics and somehow was really comfortable to sing.        I use Japanese singing techniques here.

Piccolo & Flute- Hiro Honshuku
Shamisen (Jiuta), Koto & Vo- Sumie


"Rat Man Runs Edoh Night" by Hiro Honshuku

Duo project Infinity featuring Hiro Honshuku in Boston, MA 2008. We improvised in the middle, just sounds like rats running...!

Piccolo- Hiro Honshuku
1st Koto- Yoko Reikano Kimura
2nd Koto- Sumie

"Inishie no Kioku (The Ancient Memory)

Performed at Berklee Performance Center.

Vo- Laura Tomoyo Yokozawa
2nd Vo- Yuko Ishihara
Piano- Kozue Kuriyama
Cello- Sabe Herreid Flores
Koto- Sumie

"Moon And Sand" by Alec Wilder

Favorite Summer Costume Play Series! 
Japanese nurse provides the night of  "J-Trad and More Unplugged " in Cambridge, MA.

Guitar- Casper Gyldensøe
Percussions- Pablo Eluchans
Vo & Nurse- Sumie